15 November 2013


It's always interesting seeing things through the eyes of children.  Before we moved, we of course talked quite a bit about Saudi and some of the things the kids could expect, what would be different, what would be the same, new rules, etc.

1.  After watching a promotional video about Saudi that a friend lent us, Erik--with total sincerity--said "Mom, that is so cool that you get to dress like a Ninja!!"

As a quick side note, as a non-Muslim foreigner I don't actually have to cover my face or hair.  So I don't 'get' to wear the whole 'Ninja' outfit.  However, I do have to wear the black dress--called abaya--when I am out in public.

2.  After Ben arrived in Saudi, he took pictures of what would soon be our new home so that the kids and I could see it.  Elizabeth's comment?  (Unfamiliar with what a beday is. . . )  "Mom, why are their sinks so short?"