10 February 2014

We've moved. . . again

Yep, we've moved.  Although we are still in Jubail and the kids still go to the same school, so it wasn't a big move in that regard.  We are just living in a different compound now.  The compound itself is much nicer (it is actually resort-like with the beach property, pools, palm trees, nicely manicured grounds) and has more amenities (mini-grocery store, restaurant, bowling, hair salon, several playgrounds, etc.)  The only downside of the move was that we are in an apartment now that is about half the size of our previous place--but considering our last place was over 4000 square feet I think we'll survive.  :-)  There are a lot more families and kids here, so that's fun too.

But I do have to say I am really tired of moving!  We have been moving or getting ready to move for about 9 months now, so I am ready to be settled somewhere.  We were almost settled at our last place (I was down to 2 boxes left to unpack) when Ben called and said that we had the option of moving.  We took a few days to decide if we were going or not, and then scheduled our move date for the following week--only to have the movers show up a day early since they were running ahead of schedule!  If nothing else this country is going to teach me (I like to plan and schedule) that sometimes you just have to go with the flow.  :-)

I did think it was funny that the same group of movers who had literally just been to our house to bring our sea shipment to us were the same ones who came and boxed everything back up, took it to our new place and then un-boxed it again in our new place.  Deja-vu anyone?

One of the last nights we were at our old place there was a beautiful sunset.  I ran inside to grab my camera, but the sun had already dipped below the horizon.

Elizabeth and Erik walking to the bus stop--Goodbye Chevron compound!