08 July 2014

A few of my favorite things. . .

We're headed back to the US today!  Although we're dreading the long flights it take to get there, it will be fun to be back home again.  This will be the first time we've been back since we came to Saudi last October, and there are lots of things we are looking forward to!  Of course seeing family is at the top of the list.

We are definitely excited about the variety of foods that we will have available again.  The kids are excited to be able to choose any type of cereal they want, instead of just getting whatever imported cereal happens to be at the store.  I'm excited for yummy breads like Great Harvest and Costco's rosemary olive oil artisan bread.  We are all excited for bacon and sausage.  Although when it comes to pork, I think I am most excited to have a ham meal: ham, favorite potatoes and orange rolls.  Yum!  I'm also excited for some properly Americanized Italian and Mexican food; it's been too long!

And shopping is high on my list too!  And not just some of the specific stores like Costco and Target, but being able to go without worrying about when prayer time is going to happen.  Leisurely shopping without rushing in and out between prayers sounds awesome.  And, I can drive myself to the store, in any clothes I want to wear!  It's the little things that matter.  

I'm also very excited for the variety of activities that will be available.  As nice as it is to be steps away from the beach and pools, it will be nice to change things up a bit.  We've missed hiking in the mountains, children's museums, zoos, concerts and movie theaters.

Thinking of all the people we will see and the fun things we get to do will make the 36+ hour journey that much more bearable. . .