23 June 2014

Lost in Translation 2

I'm back with another "lost in translation" countdown. . .

5.  As the mother of young children, I wish that ALL food came with a crumb-less option.  Sadly, this bread didn't live up to the advertising, it was merely crust-less.

4.  This sounds like it should be found in a forum as opposed to a kitchen:    

3.  Please, dab gently with your napkins so that you can avoid needing this cream.  (Thanks to my friend Jane for this picture!)

2.  There are many times that a sign gives you the feeling that maybe Google translate has gone slightly awry.  I'm not sure if the discounts have caught on fire, or if you can purchase fire at a discount?  

1.  Other times you get the feeling that Google translate has gone more than slightly awry.  These pictures were taken by Ian Lockley at a gas station restaurant in a place called Raz Al Khair, that is a little north of Jubail.  This feels so typical to our area--a lot of the menu makes sense, but then. . . .

I'll take an order of 'Dump the thickness of' with a side of 'Brick Pad'.  How about you?